Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Dynasty on Yorkville continues to reign supreme

Lemon chicken
Looking for a Chinese eatery in the heart of Toronto’s fashionable shopping district? Then look no further- look to Dynasty on Yorkville.  Dynasty is no mere chop suey house.

Reigning supreme in the area since 1994, Dynasty has been providing upscale Chinese cuisine to cinephiles and shoppers around Bay and Bloor streets.  Once prominently visible on the second floor of the Colonade with a commanding view of Bloor St, Dynasty re-located to Yorkville Ave- the heart of the trendy shopping area in 2010.
Jasmine tea
The atmosphere in the new Yorkville location is warmer and more intimate than in the Colonade.  For some, the most welcoming sight upon ascending the steps is the brightly coloured, elaborate well stocked bar.  It has the largest Lavalite I have ever seen sitting right on the bar, a welcoming beacon of cheeriness and brightness. When I enter this restaurant, the bar makes me feel like stepping into a hotel bar in 1930’s Shanghai. While the efficient staff proceed to warm patrons with traditional jasmine tea at any season of the year, you will find all the familiar names at home in this well stocked bar- Glenfiddich, Glenlivet and all the traditional vodkas and whiskeys. The bar is actually quite diverse. You will find stocked high quality Japanese sakes and even Chinese wines-  brands such as Moutai much coveted by Chinese wine and liquor connoisseurs. 

The Dynasty management tells me the restaurant brings together various recipes from the “Middle Kingdom”, or fusing the very best Chinese food traditions from north and south.  At Dynasty, the weary diner will discover food sensations from the traditional sweeter dishes of the Beijing area to the spicier Chinese fare.  The menu at Dynasty also offers culinary delicacies from Canton Province in southern China. Dim Sum is very much a southern dining tradition.  I counted 76 dim sum dishes on the menu, and deep fried octopus fingers to my mind is one of the more exotic.  For a more traditional palate, there are softer and sweeter dishes, ranging from barbecued pork buns, to steamed vegetarian dumplings. One of my favourites is the to die for Steamed Supreme Har Gow. It is made at Dynasty with shrimp in a rice flour wrap which melts in your mouth.

If Italian pasta is more within your comfort zone, then you will want to order from the extensive list of Noodle dishes such as its Shanghai Chow Mein noodle dish.
Sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf
For more meaty Chinese food traditionalists, fear not. The generous menu at Dynasty on Yorkville offers sweet and sour chicken and pork as well as Szechuan Orange peel beef. For the more heavy hearted, try the Peking Duck the specialty dish of Dynasty on Yorkville.  Peking Duck was a favourite dish of Richard Nixon, introduced to him during his historic visit to China  in 1972. Ever since, it has been one of the more elegant dishes, putting  Chinese food within the realm of haute cuisine. The delicacy of “Peking Duck” is served in 2 courses. The first course  consists of serving  sliver-thin  crispy duck skin  wrapped in  a thin steamed pancake crepe with chives and elegant sauces.  The second course of Peking Duck comes presented as duck meat bathed in a lettuce wrap called “crystal fold”. I recommend this for a larger group, “conference style” for 6- 8 persons.
Har gow
Dynasty on Yorkville is ideal for celebrations , romantic dinners, or a substantial meal before catching  a nearby movie. It is perfect for a break after a shopping safari on Bloor St.  There are special meals for 1 or 2, or 4 persons. I strongly recommend Dynasty on Yorkville. You can keep coming again and again- always trying different dishes- it would be well worth coming at least 76 times- to try all the dim sum dishes!   

Dynasty on Yorkville ( At Bay St. close to Bay subway station) 
69 Yorkville Ave.
Toronto, ON.
416- 923- 3323

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  1. Thank you! Your recommendation persuaded me to try the Dynasty, and I ate there just yesterday to find that all was superb as you describe. The number of food choices is a little overwhelming even for a foodie who has tried other Chinese restaurants. This does make me want to return!